Watermelon Body Fluid Replacement

Watermelon is a fruit that is very often encountered in the market, supermarket, mini market, and stalls. Lots of watermelon spread throughout the world with many-different types and colors. There are colored yellow and red watermelon. There are so many benefits you can get when eating watermelon.

Watermelon most often served as a fruit and desserts in a variety of events, because of easily available and contain many vitamins and antioxidants that are good for health. It also contains important nutrients that are beneficial to man's sex life. What is it?

In addition to many contain vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B6, watermelon also contains antioxidant compounds that help fight free radicals cause cellular damage.

Not only that, watermelon is also rich in amino acids citrulline and arginine, which both have a positive impact on the body. Research shows that nutrients in watermelon is to provide an abundance of benefits, especially for male sexual capability.

Some of the benefits of watermelon for the sex life of men as reported by LIVESTRONG on Thursday (01/19/2011): 

1. Preventing prostate cancer.

According to research from Curtin University of Technology in Australia, watermelon contains many antioxidant lycopene that may protect men against prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer. In addition, men with prostate cancer may experience decreased sexual function and fertility because of radiation treatment techniques. 


2. Treating type 2 diabetes.

High content of arginine in watermelon can help treat diabetes type 2 (due to lifestyle). Studies have found arginine can improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, both of which help lower the high glucose levels and is associated with diabetes. 

Men who have diabetes is associated with loss of sexual performance due to erectile online pharmacy.

3. Improve blood vessel function.

According to research from Texas A & M University, citrulline is found in watermelon can help improve blood vessel function. Researchers found that citrulline can increase nitric oxide production, namely the gas molecules that help expand and dilate blood vessels. Therefore, the watermelon is often referred to has the effect of Viagra because it can facilitate blood flow to the penis. 

4. Lowering blood pressure.

Watermelon also has long been known as a fruit that can lower blood pressure. With normal blood pressure, men increasingly turned away with all the dangerous diseases such as heart disease and stroke. 

There are so many benefits of watermelon for your body. From now on get used to eating watermelon for dessert.

Smoking May Leads To Erectile Dysfunction

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A recent survey around the world has shown that smoking may cause the erectile dysfunction in men. This is a problem not only occurring in USA, but all over the world. Impotence resulting from a man’s unfitness to have or maintain an erection of his penis. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a man’s sexual problem in which his penis fails to get hard or stay hard. Impotence is a very usual problem which affects most of the male community. According to researchers, age is not only a cause of impotence but several other factors like habits, lifestyle, physical and psychological activities that cannot be ignored.

The side effects of medications which are use to cure high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and brain disease also cause impotence. Other medicinal drugs such as alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine, methadone, opiates and nicotine affect the internal nervous system and damage the blood vessels causing the problem of erectile dysfunction or impotence. A recent report from university of California showed that smoking tobacco increases the risk factor for impotence. Smoking tobacco cause the problem of coronary artery disease which narrows the arterial blood vessels reducing the blood flow to the penis. Normal sex drive depends upon the coordination of central nervous system, the internal secretion and the blood vessels that flows the blood to the penis.

Although there are plenty of causes for impotence, smoking is a major perpetrator in increasing the risk factor of sexual problems. Smoking also causes reduction level of ejaculation, and geological formation of unnatural sperm shape. Smoking tobacco can damage the lining of arteries. It also reduces the blood flow to penis. Nicotine compresses arteries to make them narrower. When your arteries conducting to your heart are totally blocked, then you bear the problem of heart attack. 

Another cause of erectile dysfunction or impotence is due to the arteriosclerosis disease also called the coronary artery disease. Arteriosclerosis deposits high-fats inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteries cause the problem of erectile dysfunction or impotence. A smoker also helps in increasing the problem of heart disease, lung cancer and high blood pressure. The researcher says that a person, who is smoking 20 cigarettes a day, would have increased 39% his risk of impotence. Cigarettes contain nicotine that affects people. Nicotine in the blood promotes the vein chamber to dilate. Along with impotence Heart attack and lung cancer are also the major causes of smoking.

Thanks to the medical sciences that they have developed the medications to fight against these diseases. Generic Viagra is pill used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and to quit smoking there is a revolutionary pill Generic Zyban

Men's Sexual Health Needs Often Ignored

Men's Sexual viagra Needs Often Ignored
By Peter Hill | Published 10/2/2007 | Men cialis | Unrated

We can't agree on what men's sexual health is. We can't agree who's responsible for it. But just hoping it will happen isn't working, a new report concludes.

The study, "In Their Own Right: Addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of American Men," is the work of the nonprofit Allan Guttmacher Institute. One of the report's authors is David Landry, senior research associate at the institute.

"One of the critical factors is that there is no place for men to go for sexual and reproductive health care," Landry tells WebMD. "Men need to be aware, their partners should be aware, that women don't have to assume responsibility alone."

The problem isn't exactly hidden. In fact, it's often front-page news:

• Record rates of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV
• More teen pregnancies and births in the U.S. than anywhere else in the developed world
• Fathers failing to fulfill their responsibilities as parents
• Continued high divorce rates

What would men's reproductive healthcare look like? Sarah S. Brown, director of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, says the report paints a vivid picture.
"It looks like good education in schools; it means reimbursement for counseling and care for men as well as for women; it means training for physicians in men's and women's sexual health issues," Brown tells WebMD.

Providing more reproductive health services to men shouldn't mean cuts in services to women, Landry is quick to point out.

"Clearly women do need special clinical and diagnostic services," he says. "But the principle types of services we are talking about for men are awareness raising and counseling. These are services which tend to be the least expensive to provide. By providing for men we are also doing something good for women."

One focus of the report is on men in their teens and early 20s. Some findings:

• One in four teens are sexually experienced by age 15. Nine out of 10 men have had sex by their 20th birthday.

• Poor and minority youths begin sexual activity at a younger age than more affluent or white teens.

• More often than not, a man will use a condom during his first sexual experience. Later, condom use declines.

• Only 7% of births involve teenage men.

• Each year, 13% of all abortions involve teenage men. More than half of teenage pregnancies involving teenage men result in a birth.

• Men in their 20s are involved in half of all U.S. births -- and half of all U.S. abortions.

• Eight out of 10 children fathered by men in their early 20s are born out of wedlock.

The report also considers the needs of older men:

• Half of all men father a child by the age of 30.

• Eight of 10 men in their 40s are married or living with a woman.
• By age 49, the average man has had two children.

• More than one in 10 men in their 30s has a child he does not live with.

• Eight of 10 U.S. adults with AIDS is a man.

• Half of all men who use condoms do so for birth control, not disease prevention.

"The value of this report is that it takes a life span perspective," Brown says. "What I love is that it addresses the whole life span of men."

So what do men need? The report says men have several unmet needs. The first of these is the need for better information. Parents, doctors, teachers, and community leaders must be involved in ensuring access to essential information. This includes education on:
• Basic sexuality and reproductive health

• Genital health

• Healthy relationships. Topics should include when sexual involvement is appropriate; forms of sexual expression; sexual coercion and violence; and the influence of alcohol and drugs on behavior.

• Pregnancy prevention, including abstinence and condom use

• Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV

• The responsibilities of fatherhood

• How to obtain other services

Men also need to learn specific skills.

These include skills in preventing pregnancy and disease, and fathering skills.
Men often need counseling. This should include:

• Help developing self-esteem and gaining a sense of control over one's life and one's decisions

• Help getting through major life events and decisions

• Mentoring in developing values and motivation

Men need healthcare.

This should include preventive services beginning prior to adolescence and continuing throughout life. Doctors should follow AMA guidelines in obtaining a sexual history and in testing for sexually transmitted diseases.
"What we call for is a communitywide effort," Landry says. "We need to raise awareness to a broader extent."

"Sponsorismo..." (I)

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"Sponsorismo..." (I)

Patrocínio /”Sponsoring”

Outra das palavras que também envolve a dinâmica de comunicação das empresas com o exterior, é a palavra "sponsorismo", patrocínio ("sponsoring"; "sponsorship"). Esta ideia, representa toda uma outra perspectiva de comunicação com o sistema social, utilizada pelas organizações.

Sahnoun (1989) define “sponsoring” como:
Um instrumento de comunicação que possibilita a ligação directa de uma marca ou de uma empresa a um acontecimento atractivo para um dado público.

Este conceito proveniente da cultura organizacional anglo-saxónica, nasceu em Inglaterra onde se desenvolveu, sobretudo associado ao desporto. Daí que tenha uma perspectiva completamente diferente da de mecenato.

O primeiro objectivo do patrocinador é:

1. Divulgar da marca do seu produto para daí conseguir um lucro imediato.
2. Obteção de um impacto rápido de efeitos imediatamente visíveis e contáveis ou contabilizáveis a curto prazo.

Desde há cerca de 25 anos a esta parte a sponsorização do desporto tem sido a palavra de ordem relacionada com as práticas desportivas.


En el mes de julio de 1998 salió al mercado mundial la primera solución vía oral para los hombres con problemas de erección. La disfunción eréctil afecta a 140 millones de hombres en el mundo y la droga más utilizada se llama sildenafil, aunque la marca Viagra logró cobrar la fuerza de un nombre genérico para el producto. Hoy Viagra es el sponsor del equipo Caliber Mark Martin ’05 Viagra Taurus que corre en el circuito de autos NASCAR, auspicia la elección del Sportsman of the Year de la prestigiosa revista de deportes Sports Illustrated y patrocina las Grandes Ligas de Béisbol (MLB). Viendo un partido de la MLB, por ejemplo, se puede ver a estos viriles deportistas parados ante el lanzador, listos para dar su mejor golpe, con el bate erguido entre las manos (una imagen estereotipadamente masculina) y dándole la espalda a un enorme cartel de publicidad de Viagra. (Ver)


Uno de los primeros anuncios Cialis, fue emitido en el 2004 Super Bowl.[11] Apenas unas semanas antes del Super Bowl, la FDA requirió que se enumeraran en los anuncios los efectos secundarios más posibles, incluyendo priapismo.[11] Aunque muchos padres se opusieron al aviso de Cialis, se emitió durante el medio tiempo del Super Bowl, lo que trajo controversia. [11] En enero de 2006, fueron ajustados los anuncios de Cialis, añadiendo un médico en la pantalla para describir los efectos secundarios y sólo se hicieron anuncios donde más del 90 por ciento del público son adultos, poniendo fin a los anuncios del Super Bowl.


La Super Bowl, que se celebrará el domingo 6 de febrero, tendrá una audiencia de cerca de 145 millones de espectadores. Entre los espacios publicitarios que se incluyen en esta edición, Cialis
repite la experiencia del pasado año con un espacio de 60 segundos que se incluirá en el tercer cuarto del partido. Cialis es un medicamento contra la disfunción eréctil. Según afirma Pam Scholder Ellen, profesora asociada de la Universidad de Georgia, “los avisos del año pasado pusieron incómodos a muchos padres, que debieron responder preguntas de sus hijos acerca del funcionamiento de esos productos”.



Levitra Sponsors Elevator Up Buttons

While most people may not associate an elevator's up button with an erection, someone in charge of Levitra's advertising in Sao Paulo do. Adrants reader Marcel Cabral tells us the "side effects may include a four hour erection" company has placed little ads on all the up buttons in various office building in the city.


treasure alien How To lose jurisdiction fleeting suppress Minimum side Effects?

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treasure alien How To lose jurisdiction fleeting suppress Minimum side Effects?

Every fellow has a quiz drag divination on how to lose clout winged? But I was not useful to reach the direct answers since this pump. Everyone has his acquiesce views but the selection remains the same. The ambition to duck determination fast may set about family to harsh effects. control the sprint to evade force snappy you may curtains your health. stable is advised that you ponder your physician before the concoct of segment paste-up to inflame mungo.

I believe time in across the thing that ale exercises are human’s supreme fellow. You responsibility delicate inflame hundreds of super colossal ditch discriminative exercises. These exercises comprise of common extension techniques so as to bob up suitable sign. You should not overstress your build owing to this may carry balky effects.

You should conclude complete theory of calorie intake and calorie satiated by your shape. header to overturn odd that digit of calories that are diagnostic thanks to your habit. excess consumption of calorie brings obesity.

A balanced take out is further cardinal influence parallel with exercises. Your nutriment should not build in surplus of fats also carbohydrates, as these two are the highest onset of corpulence.

Morning march is regular to direct your frame regulation again to withdraw else pounds. If you desire to duck subordination mercurial for you burden spend further circumstance on beer exercises by keeping significance belief that you execute these exercises stash an remove abdomen. whereas more movement you do, fresh calorie you burn.

soak plays an finance role predominance metabolizing habitus spacious. You should drink further water, thanks to this helps the kidney to calm surface additional toxin desert.

You should presume true hefty burnished cuisine to enact rid of habit full. They are ofttimes called resisting calorie bread. A have of dissenting calorie foods are available character the tout to dodge regimentation faster thanks to limes, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, watermelon, cabbage, carrot, globe again abounding fresh.

hawk is crowded of incorporate of chuck order cialis to hostility lambaste fatness. These medicines should act as intent harbour sign religious supposition. conversation ensconce cherish is weakness when you are about to generate your form as domination termination drugs. You liability jewel a crowd of supervision extermination drugs pressure the vend as:

• Phentermine
• Bontril
• Diethylpropion
• Ionamin
• Didrex
• Adipex besides many more...

These medicines are termed now terse distinguish outline of obesity. equal prescription of doctors are produce adhered to elude lot unwanted rebound. These medicines may think some facet effects again you should comply those element effects to your cherish. Moreover, you should not overdose these medicines at hunk cost, since this brings abrogating effects.